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The Kind of Travel Socks to Wear During a Long Flight

The Kind of Travel Socks to Wear During a Long Flight

A long flight means that you will be sitting for long hours. It also signifies that you will be up in the air for the same period. This can mean that your blood circulation can be affected. You may also develop swelling on your lower extremities as a result of poor blood circulation and pull of gravity.

If you noticed that your seatmate is wearing compression socks, this is because he or she knows that compression socks can undermine the effects of poor circulation because of prolonged sitting. Yes. Compression socks should always be worn during long flights to aid in blood circulation and prevent deep vein thrombosis or clot formation and swelling.

You may also need compression socks while traveling for long hours inland. Just the same, you will be sitting for the whole duration of your travel. But id the ideal compression socks when traveling? Here are qualities that you should look for when buying travel socks in Australia online.

Non-Medical Support Hosiery

This is one of three types of compression socks. The other two types are the graduated and anti-embolism socks. These two need a doctor’s prescription, so it may be difficult to buy them travel purposes only. It will be more convenient to purchase non-medical support hosiery in pharmacies and online stores.

Socks with Perfect Fit

A quality pair of travel socks should have a comfortable tightness. It should be tighter at the ankle with a decreasing degree until its uppermost end. It would be very annoying to wear an uncomfortable compression sock during a long flight.

Temperature-Regulating Travel Socks

An ideal pair of travel socks cools during hot weather and warms when it is freezing. This will help you to avoid the ill-effects of temperature change when going out of the plane.

Antibacterial Compression Socks

It is best to wear a pair of travel compression socks with antibacterial properties. This will prevent you from having irritating fungus, causing a bad smell from your shoes. During long flights, it may be advisable to unfasten clothing, including your shoes. It may be embarrassing that some foul-smelling odor is coming off your socks.

Nice-Looking Compression Socks

Functionality and style can come together. Gone are the days when compression socks look like orthopedic devices. Some brands are beautifully designed and are meant to be flaunted. Don’t be hiding your legs when on a long flight. Stretch them whenever you can. You can definitely do that when your compression socks are stylish and beautiful.…